Path Of The Indie — Recruitment

We continue the series of articles conducted on behalf of Head of the Game Project Saturated Outer Space

Key feature is a distinctive interaction with HNPC (Hostage NPC), i.e. protecting hostages from any sources of threat


  1. First screening criteria for scouting
  2. The advantages for a potential candidate to work with you as well as short and long-term bonuses
  3. Differentiation from other indie studios
  4. Assessment test for a candidate
  5. Determination of responsibilities
  6. Process of onboarding
Hostages are vulnerable to panic so you have to guard their mental health
  1. The motivation. Why does the particular candidate want to join the gamedev industry? If the answer is simple: “I just want to try” — then it would be better to end the meeting at this point. Probably, that person would be disappointed after several attempts because the gamedev does not live according to their expectations.
  2. Playing video games. Those applicants who do NOT play at least twice a week would definitely drop off without completing a test. I also recommend not to waste your time on non-gamers even though they can suit the requirements. Obviously, this person will not understand the fun of creating the video game without having fun playing games.
  3. Participating in other projects. If the candidate is currently in another indie team apart from the daytime job, has a dog, starts a new online course, loves car racing, draws in free time, is a proactive volunteer and it will take him only one step to achieve happiness (after joining your team, of course) then it will be better for you to look for another one. Because he (or she) won’t spare enough time for the project. The golden mean would sound like: “I have a job but want to achieve my dream of development of my own game within my free time. I’m available for 10–20 hours per week”. So spend some time studying how busy the candidate is before taking him/her on board.
  4. Experience. The professionals capable of developing the complete game on their own are not known to work for free. It is also clear that volunteers not capable of anything would not make a good asset for your team. We look for people with some basic knowledge in one of the fields (level-design, programming, animation, etc.). So, this is the case when all those online courses certificates come in handy. They won’t matter much when applying for the actual job but for an indie team that makes a huge difference. It is great if the candidate tried to create something before and has a portfolio.
  5. The level of enthusiasm. It’s hard to evaluate. It could be your feelings during the interview or just a subjective perception that partly completes the portrait of the candidate. It is useful when you are in doubt to hire someone but it can’t be the bottom line of your decision.
Enemies will stall your Rescue Plans during missions




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