Path Of The Indie — Rebuilding The Prototype

CEO of Rummy Games creating Saturated Outer Space proceeds to share his experience with other independent developers

The Experiment is the Experiment!

Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky, ‘The Doomed City’

Blueprint spaghetti
Less spaghetti — less bugs

The moral of the story:

In our case it took one prototype to assemble a team around it, participate in dozens of game events and competitions, create game documentation, announce the game on Steam. That build moved us really forward on the way to MVP.

A high-quality build is your best friend in development and promotion when you don’t have financial support. It’s better to have a build as soon as possible and keep it updated regularly.

Prototype doesn’t have to be perfect — it just has to be.

Build can be used in the release version of your game for testing different mechanics and features. It’s easier to remake into a clean copy than write code from scratch.



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Rummy Games

We are 30 enthusiasts developing our debut game project named Saturated Outer Space.