Path Of The Indie — Our First Game Conference

We continue the series of articles conducted on behalf of Head of the Game Project Saturated Outer Space

  1. Fix the most critical bugs
  2. Choose a demo-level (5 of them were up and ready to go)
  3. Fill that level with as many interesting gameplay mechanics as possible
  4. Record the main music theme and general sound effects
  1. Who will be the speaker of our team;
  2. Who will be responsible for the stuff like business cards, booth and communication;
  3. The schedule to be around the stand. It was synchronized with our personal meetings.
Logo of the Game

The Failure

The Miracle

  1. Preparation for the first conference is invaluable to practice your organization skills. It clears your head and makes the game’s concept more pronounced.
  2. You get to know your team. Someone is reliable no matter what while another one is not ready to suffer for the sake of the project.
  3. You have to show your build to the audience to gather reviews and collect useful data. The best way is to watch them playing your build.
  4. You can make acquaintances with industry experts and local celebrities and ask for their thoughts and advice. Thus, our booth was visited by tinyBuild producers and renowned GameDev gurus from Russia like Sergey Gimelreykh and Michael Kuzmin. Their insight was much appreciated.
  5. Don’t miss a chance to dive into the game dev world and meet other indie enthusiasts with shining eyes, eager to create their own chef d’oeuvres. In addition, you will become aware of the full potential of your project.



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Rummy Games

We are 30 enthusiasts developing our debut game project named Saturated Outer Space.