Path Of The Indie — Our Second Game Conference

We continue the series of articles conducted on behalf of Head of the Game Project Saturated Outer Space

Recently we’ve released a brand new build
Thanks to VFX-artist who brought a fresh air into visual effects
Where new build comes new cutscenes arise
Yellow lines represent potential targets within the sight range of a character
  1. UE representatives agreed to support us with technical questions related to the engine
  2. Nvidia representatives gave us a video card for tests
  3. A few art studios and freelancers offered to outsource a part of content production
  4. Six publishers invited us to collaborate as soon as we get MVP
  5. We spoke with other indie developers and got impressed by their projects and development approaches
  6. Finally, we found an inspiration and an occasion to start our Devlogs!



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Rummy Games

We are 30 enthusiasts developing our debut game project named Saturated Outer Space.